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$54.95 / Per Month
  • Plan Details - • Connection: Fixed Wireless • Data: No Caps • Modem: Modem: $10.99/mo • Installation: $0 (Free installation.)
  • Set Up - Setup: $0
  • Connection Type - Fixed Wireless
  • Modem Included - $10.99 per month


$44.95 / Per Month
  • Plan Details - • Connection: Fixed Wireless • Data: 250 GB/mo • Modem: Modem: $10.99/mo • Installation: $0 (Free installation.)
  • Set Up - Setup: $0
  • Connection Type - Fixed Wireless
  • Modem Included - $10.99 per month


$29.95 / Per Month
  • Plan Details - Internet
  • Set Up - Setup: $75.00 (Includes installation (can be paid in 3 installments of $25/mo).)
  • Connection Type - Fixed Wireless
  • Modem Included - Modem: $10.99/mo

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Everything you need to know about Rise Broadband High Speed Internet

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Rise Broadband is a fixed wireless internet service provider. Its mission is to connect homes in suburban and rural areas with internet, giving you more power to choose your internet provider, no matter where you live. Rise Broadband serves 16 states, covering 26 million Americans with speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

Fiber, cable, DSL, and satellite are the most common technologies and methodologies utilized by ISPs (Internet Service Providers). There are several major participants in the ISP sector, including AT&T Internet, Centurylink, Wow Cable, and Spectrum Cable, to mention a few. On the other hand, fixed wireless internet is gaining traction, along with its undisputed champ: Rise Broadband.

Rise Broadband is an excellent alternative in regions where only a single internet provider appears to have a monopoly. It can also deliver faster speeds than other DSL choices and unlimited internet without “throttling,” giving it a significant advantage over satellite services in remote locations.

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Benefit From Rise Broadband’s Convenience and Accessibility Rise Broadband’s widespread accessibility and simplicity of service installation at new subscriber locations are two of the company’s primary advantages as a fixed wireless provider. Rise internet requires simply a line of vision from one of its numerous access points, as well as an area on the subscriber’s building where a reception device can be installed.

This makes it relatively simple to set up complex multi-site commercial broadband networks for major businesses and organizations, provided that the buildings are within a few miles of one another for relay devices to be installed.

High Speed Internet With Rise Broadband Rise Broadband bundles and internet speeds are determined by the distance between you and one of their access points. Faster internet speeds might be made accessible to you the nearer you are to an access point. You can also determine your Rise Broadband price based on the package you choose.

It is advised that you use a Rise Broadband speed test to determine the performance of the service you are receiving, as it tests your Internet connection and excludes numerous variables over which it has no influence. As a result, it is the most realistic reflection of Rise Broadband’s connection quality.

A helpful website like KonectEaze can assist you in determining which speeds you are eligible for and scheduling an installation. Lately we have been hard at work facilitating internet connectivity to the fast growing cities of San Antonio and Austin Texas. Read more about the high speed internet options in the fast growing San Antonio/ Austin corridor in this article: What are the best providers for internet in the Austin and San Antonio area

Why Choose Rise Broadband?

1. High-speed internet plans: Many Rise Broadband packages are in the 25 Mbps range, which is considered high-speed internet. Depending on where you live, you can access speeds of 100 Mbps and greater.

2. Rural internet access: Do you live in a rural area? Don’t sweat internet access. Rise Broadband is designed to connect rural areas with quality, affordable internet. Here is a list of the top 7 cities for Rise Broadband High-Speed Internet Service

3. Satellite-free internet: You don’t have to buy satellite internet if you don’t want to. Rise Broadband’s fixed wireless service has less latency and fewer weather interruptions than satellites.

This depends on your plan. Rise does offer unlimited data packages, which usually start at $49.95 for 50 Mbps. If you don’t opt for an unlimited package, Rise caps data ranging from 150 to 250 gigabytes per month.

Does Rise Broadband have data caps?

How does Rise Broadband work?

Rise Broadband is an alternative to satellite internet. Instead of installing a satellite that pings from your home, fixed wireless places a receiver on a tower within sight of your home. This reduces issues with latency or weather-related interruptions that you might experience with satellite internet.

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